Agility Studio

Little Three Kingdoms


Strategy, Action


Blackberry / iOS

Tech stack

DJ Engine (Homebrew Engine)

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The fate of the Emperor and the Three Kingdoms lies in your hands! Little 3 Kingdoms is 2D, real-time strategy with an aesthetic based on the ancient Chinese Dynasty Wars.

Use strategy and cunning to lead the cast of Heros in a race against time to The Castle. Our Character Upgrade System allows you to stock food (currency) and unlock units with deadly skills, crushing the forces of Usurper Dong Zhou and his evil clutches.

Advance across 100 side-scrolling levels of tower defense action set against a backdrop of bold colors and vivid backgrounds.

Strategic gameplay with constant action, for new and experienced players.

  • Earn over 100 Achievements across levels as you battle huge armies of chunky sprites and defeat Bosses.
  • Rated 7/10 by PocketGamer UK