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LOKIPOKI HD - A cute twist to the puzzles and physics of the "match-three" genre, creating an addictive experience that's equal parts challenging and relaxing for all ages. A great journey awaits you, there’s no time to hesitate!

Players must blast through obstacles, using magic to ignite a visual explosion of dazzling graphics and lively sound effects across the board.

Use perfect execution on your quest through 60 levels and the whimsical villages of Wonderland, herding LokiPoki and his helpless companions to their paradise in heaven. Bonus puzzles unlock 3 cities in the cloud.

Master the all-finger style with 60 levels of exquisite interface.

  • In each level, players will need a well thought out strategy to obtain a 3-star victory.
  • Show off your speed and precision skills against friends and family. Online co-op mode allows up to 20 fingers for gameplay!
  • “I think it's a very clever game. The graphics are outstanding and I love the challenge you're presented with. It's well worth the money.” ***** App Store Review