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Toon Tactics


Strategy, Action



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DJ Engine (Homebrew Engine)

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Toon Tactics is a rapid-fire tower defense app for gamers who love cool graphics, daring challenges, and sweet victories. Hunker down for a bird’s eye view of massive enemy waves coming from multiple directions, and explosions intense enough to blow your screen!

Deploy your troops in formations to guard each tower and collect bonus pick-up items like double lives, tower repairs, destructive items such as traps, land mines and nuclear bombs. Find the mystery box and build the strongest ambush to claim victory against each Boss.

We designed 30 maps with brilliant, high definition graphics. The variation and size of the maps will force you to think fast and make quick and strategic decisions.

Do you have what it takes to defend your Toon homeland? Join the fight today!

  • 6 troop types with unique strengths and upgrades and over 15 enemy types, including enemy bosses with special powers
  • The amazing hand painted graphics and effects of bosses are mind-blowing!
  • “Toon Tactics TD is a fast-paced and challenging tower defense game that should not disappoint.” ****/* - Gwen Phua, iFANZINE